We appologise for not updating you before now, but we've been so busy here at the shop as well as in events - but we're not complaining, it's been really good fun too!

We had a fantastic week at the Urdd Eisteddfod in Flintshire, this was our first ever stand and the team were busy building the shelving and displaying the stock until 11pm on Sunday! The response on Monday morning was fantastic and worth all the hard work, it was really succesful week for us and we want to thanks all our lovely cstomers and all the publishers and artists who worked with us on our events at the stand.

stondin Pethe

Following the Eisteddfod we had a lovely weekend at our local show in Aberystwyth! The weather was a challenge but there's no place like home!

digwyddiad stondin petheDresser SYPFfrogiau SYPMYGIAU syp

The building work is still in full swing at the shop itself! All he second hand books, magazines, plates and posters were taken to 'Pop yp Pethe', our temporary pop up shop across the road. It was fantatsic to see lots of students, former students, poets and collectors trawlling through the stock and giving them a new home!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be moving all our stock to our pop up shop so our lovely builders and interior designer can start the transformation work in the main shop. This is an exciting time for the shop and for the town!

At the end of the month we'll be travelling down to Abergavenney for the National Eisteddfod where we'll have our third 'Stondin Pethe' with lots of lovely crafts, books, cd's and events to suit all ages. Our buyer has been busy sourcing a number of new suppliers who's work is either created here in Wales or by people in Wales.